The Rug – No.2


Carved acrylic paint on canvas, acrylic remains in plexiglass unit, wooden panel

Unique Work

Dimensions: 130cm (H) x 70cm (W) x 25cm (D) / 51.2″ (H) x 27.6″ (W) x 9.8″ (D)

The Rug – No:2 [Turkish Moon]
by Otto Batuhan Türker
2019-2021 / Wall Installation

Technical Information:

Wall Installation Volume: 130 cm x 70 cm x 25 cm
Acrylic on Canvas, wooden panel: 70 cm x 118 cm x 2 cm
Acrylic Remains in Plexiglass Unit: 10 cm x 25 cm x 70 cm

* signed and dated at the back by the artist.
** the wall sculpture has arrangements at the back to hang.
*** the piece will be sent with a certificate of authenticity, introductory documents for installation and the backup pigments for the restoration.

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